Getting LOINC

Updated versions of LOINC (and the RELMA desktop mapping program we'll describe next) are distributed twice per year—in February and August. You can download LOINC right from this website.

Between public releases, we publish a "pre-release" view of new codes that were requested by users and processed for development by the LOINC team. That way you can get a heads-up on what's coming. You can view these in-process codes.



You will need to create a free account on this website and agree to our terms of service prior to downloading these files.


Version 2.77


Version 7.10

Terms of Use

One of the best things about LOINC is that it is available for use worldwide at no cost. Anyone can download it, use it, and even re-distribute it if they wish. The details of the license are available at

The LOINC license permits both commercial and non-commercial usage, with a few stipulations about attribution and a prohibition against changing or using LOINC content to create another vocabulary standard. We know you wouldn’t want to do that because it would defeat the whole purpose of having a standard in the first place!