Workshops and Public Committee Meetings

LOINC Conference

We are pleased to announce our new conference series that combines a wide-range of educational opportunities and our public LOINC Committee meetings. At these all-inclusive events you can learn directly from the experts, share and connect with other LOINC users, and get the latest updates on what's happening with LOINC.

The committee meetings are free and open to the public. We invite all conference attendees to attend the meetings.

Upcoming events

March 2021 LOINC Conference - Virtual

Laboratory & Clinical

Registration is now open!

November 2021 LOINC Conference - France & Virtual

Laboratory & Clinical

Please set aside November 8-10 on your calendar for LOINC Conference events at the Les Pensières Center for Global Health in Veyrier-du-Lac, France. We will provide more information this summer.

We are looking for LOINC Conference hosts for 2022 and beyond

Express your interest in hosting an upcoming event

Past Meetings

We make available an archive of past meetings and associated files for a minimum of two years.

Date Type
2020-10-16 Clinical
2020-10-15 Laboratory
2020-10-13 Combined
2020-03-26 SARS-CoV-2
Fall 2019 Clinical
Fall 2019 Laboratory
Summer 2019 Laboratory
Spring 2019 Clinical
Winter 2018 Laboratory
Fall 2018 Clinical
Summer 2018 Laboratory
Spring 2018 Clinical
Winter 2017 Laboratory
2017-09-26 Clinical
2017-06-07 Laboratory
2017-03-08 Clinical
2016-12-07 Laboratory
2016-08-24 Clinical
2016-06-08 Laboratory
2016-02-24 Clinical