Special Topics Workgroups

New workgroups are forming!

The LOINC team is seeking expertise for two new Special Topics Workgroups. These teams will meet monthly and will make recommendations to the LOINC Committee. More details on each team is below. If you are interested in joining, please sign up below.

Consumer Names

Laboratory Committee

The purpose of the Consumer Names special topics workgroup is to develop recommendations for the creation and use of LOINC Consumer names. Specific tasks will include reviewing the work done to date on these names (currently being released in alpha status), gathering information from external sources that may be doing work in this area and exploring potential collaborations, and recommending a set of best practices for the use of LOINC Consumer Names.

Sorting out Panels, Groups, and Value sets

Laboratory & Clinical Committees

This special topics workgroup will define the specific purposes of each of the different LOINC constructs that have been developed over the years to represent collections of information. The group will also develop recommendations for how different types of collections would best be represented within or outside of LOINC going forward.

We are no longer seeking participants for these workgroups. Thank you for your interest.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

How to participate

We welcome your involvement with any of the current workgroups. Please contact us for specific meeting information.

As we consider future workgroup topics, we will invite participants based on domain expertise. We invite you to indicate your areas of proficiency.

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