Regenstrief Launches New Web LOINC Search Tool

Regenstrief is pleased to announce the launch of a new web application for searching LOINC!

The LOINC team at Regenstrief is proud to announce the launch of a new web application that is now available for searching LOINC at:

We've taken some of the best features from the RELMA simple search screen and implemented them in new web application that you can use from anywhere. The search functions are built with Lucene, which is a powerful open-source text search engine that has a Google-like query syntax. The results display in sortable grid, and you can then choose to look at the details of specific terms in three different levels of specificity.

In the spirit of open development and because of its rich feature set, we chose the open source ZK framework for building this tool.

We consider the current version of this application to be a beta release, so you can expect to see many changes and refinements coming. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them our way at

Kind Regards,
The LOINC Development Team at Regenstrief