LOINC Submissions Policy

The LOINC® table provides a set of universal identifiers and names for laboratory and other clinical observations (as well as orders for those observations) designed to facilitate exchange and pooling of clinical data across institutions for improved clinical care, outcomes management, public health, and research. To avoid multiple versions of the LOINC® table that would defeat the objectives of a vocabulary standard, the LOINC® terms and table are protected by copyright and made available by the Regenstrief Institute, Inc. (the "Regenstrief Institute") and the LOINC Committee subject to a royalty-free license. The current version of the Copyright Notice and License can be found at https://loinc.org/license.

Since its inception, the LOINC® standard has been developed openly with the help of many volunteers. Regenstrief Institute welcomes requests for new LOINC® content (terms, codes or associated material) and suggestions about revisions to existing content within the LOINC® table or RELMA® database (such as synonyms and term descriptions). Please read this Submissions Policy carefully before submitting any such content to the Regenstrief Institute. By submitting requests for new LOINC® terms, changes to LOINC® terms, descriptions of LOINC® terms, or modifications to other associated materials, you agree to be bound by all the terms of this Submissions Policy. By submitting any such content, you represent that you have the right and authority to submit such content and the right and authority to agree (on your behalf or on behalf of the owner of the content if someone other than you) to the terms of this Submissions Policy.

You remain free to use any material you submit to the Regenstrief Institute for your own purposes outside of the LOINC® table and RELMA® database, and to permit others to do the same. However, in the event the Regenstrief Institute creates LOINC® terms, groups of terms, or modifications based on your submission or otherwise publicly uses the content you submitted, you acknowledge and agree that (a) you do not acquire any right, title, and interest (including any copyright) in or to any of the "Licensed Materials" (as that term is defined in the Copyright Notice and License) as a result, (b) you will not seek to prevent the Regenstrief Institute or any other party from making use of your contribution, and (c) your use of the Licensed Materials will be subject to the then-current Copyright Notice and License. You acknowledge and agree that to ensure the integrity of the LOINC® terms and table, it is necessary that the Regenstrief Institute owns and has right to protect the LOINC® table, the LOINC® terms, and all LOINC® related materials set forth in the copyright notice and license.

You also acknowledge and agree that the Regenstrief Institute will have the sole and exclusive right: (a) to license the use of the LOINC® table and LOINC® terms by others on terms established by the Regenstrief Institute; and (b) to enforce any copyright in the LOINC® table and the LOINC® terms against others.

Finally, you acknowledge and agree that, upon request by the Regenstrief Institute, you will execute such further documents or other instruments necessary in the reasonable opinion of the Regenstrief Institute to confirm the terms of this Submissions Policy.

If you have any questions concerning this Submissions Policy, please direct them to submissions@loinc.org.